Player commands


This command sets or resets the security question.


A razor and uosteam alternative to use items macros.


Set or change your account email address.


Open up a small dialog showing your regs.


Open up the website on the status page.


Loot your own body instantly. You may also just step on it.


Toggle the showing of details in combat mode.


Find the nearest healer npc.


Set your home home home location here.


Rename a bag to help sorting things.


An alternative to the buggy .fix command.


This tells you when the next power hour is on.


Take off your newbie flag.


Shows when is the next automated bomberman event.


Join the bomberban event.


Shows when is the next automated ffa event.


Join the ffa event.


Show that you are away from keyboard.


Show your location.


Show your hungry level. Watch out, being starving doubles the damage you get.


Cast #X spell.


Change your account password.


Sacrifice a monster body and get tickets in exchange.


Use when you are stuck.


List your online guild mates.


Show your guild MOTD.


Chat with your guild mates.


Show where your guild mates are.


Panic! Send a panic message to your guild mates!


Shout to the world!


Activate the shout.


Desactivate the shout.


Friend system. This command shows all the available commands.