– Removed all abandonned rides all over the world.
– Spawned about 1k more forest monsters everywhere it was missing.
– Status page should be refreshed properly without the need of emptying your browser cache.
– Some skills that were too fast of execution were modified (like inscription taking 2 seconds, raised to 7)
– Fixed treasure chests where you could trigger them and wait for the monsters to remove and then open the chest. You now have 5 minutes to kill the monsters otherwise the chest will decay.
– Decorated a few spots that lacked decorations
– Spawned a few spots that lacked monster spawns for a proper gameplay.

– While the power hour is on, you have better chances of getting treasure maps, special random loots and a better amount of monster tickets from monsters. You also get more gold from them.
– Enhanced global monster AI. Some monsters may get damaged from a certain type of spells up to 7 or 20 times (depending on the spell). After that they start absorbing it. This is to prevent the kills of very rare and hard monsters by only poisoning them.
– Poisonned food may now drop on any monster loot. Beware! You should macro your taste identification, because when GM, it blocks you from poisonning yourself. Oh, and beware on giving it to your pets! They might dislike it.