Welcome to UOQuartz: Ad Vitam aeternam.

UOQuartz: Ad Vitam aeternam, is exactly what you think it is. It is a backup restore from UODiamond, which has been alive 5 years ago.

UODiamond: The Quartz Evolution, has been one of our most known and famous Ultima Online shard. Why is it so exceptional? Well, it is exceptionnal because it has been made from parts of all our past shards. Vae Victis, Golden Claw, UOQuartz (to only name these).

This version of UOQuartz is the same as UODiamond, but we wanted to bring back the name of UOQuartz.

To make it short, this version of UOQ is a shard based mainly on PvM and automated events, but it also supports PvP. This means that the whole server is not intented to be an easy to play server where you can gm skills in a few days and do pvp naked. We are sorry if this is was you were looking for. Feel free to PvP the way you want, but the shard’s core is not based on this.

We mainly want to offer players an old style UO system where they can make rich by working, crafting, selling and killing monsters. Indeed, the PvP comes with it. Killing AFK macroers is a part of the risk of unattended macroing. The wars at Britain Bridge is also a part of it. Being hunted down while entering a random gate in Britain, or while hunting for special spawns is also a part of the game.

We just won’t make the server change to fit the hardcore pvpers. We are opened to suggestions, as long as they do not become an obligation and still follow the server guidelines.

So welcome back to UOQ, and let’s just have fun together like we did in the past 10 years.

What makes us so special, unique and fun.

  • 4 characters per account
  • Reagents required, except on power hour
  • Power hour (no regs for one hour)
  • The Maze (always on event)
  • Many different npc quests everywhere
  • Travel stone in each town
  • Monster tickets
  • Stat cap 450 (150 150 150)
  • Player board statistics
  • Prefered system
  • Resurrect system
  • Well known house system with multi owners
  • New special potions
  • New custom weapons
  • Unique and specials items
  • Custom vendor system
  • Friend system (with chat)
  • Fully protected newbie system (72 hours)
  • Custom treasure map system
  • Randomly spawned treasure chests
  • Seasons system
  • Critical blocks depending on parrying
  • Slot machines
  • Intown secure chest
  • Light system
  • No weather
  • Always accessible 1v1 pvp arenas
  • Guild and town factions
  • Custom guards (The Death)
  • Champion system
  • Automated Events (FFA & Bomberman)
  • Autoloot (on self body step)
  • Lots of custom craftables
  • 20 slots runebooks
  • Etheral rides
  • Stackable potions & kegs
  • Npc job after it’s name
  • Special monster loot algorithm
  • Arrow pickup on step
  • Reagents spawner system
  • Fully working poisoning skill
  • GM anatomy has a chance of critical hit on melee
  • Being starving makes you take double damage
  • And many more!